Welcome at Jena

Jenakolleg a cultural and tourism venture is located in the "green heart of Germany," the beautiful German state of Thuringia. We organize tailor-made programs dealing with German culture, history, and society. Your guides are native Germans who speak English fluently. These programs may be accompanied by German language courses, if requested.

Our culture and society programs

Jenakolleg offer you the exciting opportunity to experience historical roots, beautiful landscapes with their interesting towns and villages, as well as the cultural history of this part of Germany. The programs include excursions to German cities, villages, and places of cultural and historical importance. You can choose to follow a path to the well-known places of the Lutheran Reformation or walk in the footsteps of famous musicians like Johann Sebastian Bach or Franz Liszt. Or you will see the places where the German classic poets Goethe, Schiller, and Herder lived and worked. Our well-organized and carefully-planned tours and programs will also bring you into close contact with present-day Germans whose personal lives, professional activity, or social involvement will stimulate the participants' interest in learning more about Germany. We provide the opportunity for meetings at industrial and agricultural sites, schools, churches, cultural institutions, city halls, political party offices, and other organizations.

Follow-up lectures, seminars, and panel discussions will complement and synthesize what you have experienced. Our programs in culture and society are not "packaged" and standardized. Your suggestions and special wishes or needs are always welcome and will be met.

Accommodations may be arranged in hotels, student residence halls, or with host families. Costs vary depending on the content of the course and the type of accommodation.